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Thermoforming/Vacuum Mold(TOOL)

EuroMOLD is an experienced mold-making company involved in the Thermoforming/Vacuum molds (tools). We use the newest CAD/CAM technology and CNC Machining centers, and serve our customers from concept to 3D design to soft prototypes to final full production tooling. With the solid modeling software for part and tooling design, it is possible to obtain 3 dimensional picture of the part before manufacturing. In this way,time is saved for the new product development. All parts and packages are designed very carefully for manufacturing so that the best quality and cost-effective performing tools can be provided for the customers.

One of the most important thing in a Thermoforming/Vacuum mold(tool) is the cycle time of the process. Cycle time is directly affected by  stress concentration(mechanical design) and cooling circuit (heat transfer design)of the mold. Before manufacturing of the mold, these two parameters checked and verified on the CAD system. Otherwise once the manufacturing of your mold(tool) has been finalized, the cost of modification would be huge due to the delay from the production.

Any format can be machined by our CAM System having tool path verification feature by which all errors related to the machine are eliminated and corrected. All our tooling shows a trouble-free performance due to our high-level engineering and design standards. Your tooling will be delivered on time and made ready to form parts, as we deeply understand that time means a value to you.