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Manufacturing is a key factor between an idea and a product. No matter how your idea is great, your concept can never make a sense unless it is engineered and sold in the market in multiple units. Your idea should, therefore, be understandable to determine the manufacturing process for your invention. When your idea is realized for manufacturing, you will then search new ways to develop it further. In essence, your knowledge in the manufacturing process of your invention helps you greatly to increase chances for market success.


We possess an extensive practical knowledge of modern manufacturing processes that is the substantial parameter of any industrial design project that we successfully carry out.
With its highly experienced design experts, MoldEuro is able to meet all requirements using 3D design package from design assistance for a single component to a complete project starting from concept through to production. We can complete entire projects very quickly in the most cost effective way.
The production of 3D CAD models of your design which are necessary for the rapid prototyping technologies is an essential part of the product development cycle.
Our professionally trained design engineers can create a 3D model, from a simple sketch or a fully dimensioned 2D or a model you will send, and can make them ready to be manufactured, with all information complete with draft and proper  molding tolerances.

The CAD packages that we use are the industry's most effective design tools for product  development.  Customers who are not able to produce blueprints, can design the part in real-time by getting the help of our designers. The part can then be rapid prototyped on the creation of the computer model.