"We deeply understand what lead time, quality, aftersale service and price mean to our customers."

MoldEuro is specialized in the most cost-effective way of design and manufacture of high-quality Plastic injection mold and thermoforming/vacuum mold (tool), Poly Urethane (plugs) molds, including consumer electronic, white goods, appliances, water supply pipe moulds, drainage pipe mould, fittings, packaging, and manufacturing of various plastic commodities. Our company is strictly adhered to the principle of "always pay great attention to qualified engineers to create value for customers".  Producing moulds with precision, complexity, various size and longer service life is of our primary aim, since we deeply understand what lead time, quality, aftersale service and price mean to our customers.


 MoldEuro which is located at Izmir in Turkey, initially started manufacturing injection mold in 1990, in a 500 m2 closed area with 2 engineers, and then commenced to manufacture thermoforming/vacuum  mold (tool) and Poly Urethane mold (plug) in 1995. Since then, it has established long-term partnership and cooperation with large enterprises worldwide. Now, with 5 well-qualified engineers, 10 high-skilled technicians and 20 qualified workers in a facility of 10.000 m2 covered area, our company is extensively involved in manufacture of  molds,(tools) and wide variety of plastic parts.


MoldEuro offers customers product and part design, mold flow analysis, prototype production, mold manufacturing, production assembly, CNC Machining and other integrated services to meet the individual demands at the best competitive prices..


With a high level of experienced management team having strong engineering and design capability,molds for day to day requirements are fabricated in our own engineering workshop with precision and speed in production at the highest international standard. We employ sophisticated high-tech software and CAD/CAM/CAE computer assisted design in processing and analyzing technology to analyze three-dimensional mold flow simulation. The mold design can be optimized to reduce both the cycle time and the cost.


With great experience gained over 20 years, we have been able to earn a reputation, thanks to our quality work under the watchful eyes of trained engineers. Precisely built cost-effective molds for our global customers, continue to be our key business.