"We deeply understand what lead time, quality, aftersale service and price mean to our customers."


MoldEuro has been employing CNC machining since the advent of this technology. With its extensive experience and knowledge in CNC milling and CNC turning processes, our company can successfully meet your individual requirements in the most cost-effective way.


We also supply high quality components and assemblies such as individual custom tailored parts or build assemblies combining sheet metal fabrication, machining, turning, milling, welding, plating, assembling etc.


MoldEuro performs variety of projects involving small mechanical components up to large scale parts, thanks to its CNC machining capacity and experienced technical team.

 We are engaged in precision cutting of a broad range of materials with the help of CAD/CAM software along with the latest CNC machine industry tools and equipments to meet your exacting tolerances. 3D and 2D CNC milling and CNC turning are produced directly from 3D CAD data, DXF or 2D drawings.


All materials from plastics and foams through to exotic steels and ceramics can be accommodated. Some of the materials that we cut are as follows;

METALS: Mild and Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Titanium and exotic high temperature alloys, Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Phosphor Bronze (Gun-metal) etc.